Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me .John 14:6

This amazing statement found in our Fighter Verse for this week, was spoken to troubled hearts. The disciple’s rabbi, friend, and leader is telling them that he was going to leave. He has also been telling them that he is going to die. Truly these were troubling statements.

Are you troubled today?

Jesus is the Way for the troubled heart.

One of the greatest ways that we are troubled is in not knowing the way. Last week when we were in Ireland, on the first jet lagged day our hearts were troubled. Why? Because on top of trying to drive from the right side of the car on the “wrong” side of the road, while driving a manual (which I hadn’t done in years), and shifting with my left hand- on top of all this trouble, the Google maps stopped working. So there we were driving around the narrow life threatening roads of the Irish countryside with no direction. We needed to know the way.

“Where are you going and how do we get there?” was Thomas’ question. Isn’t that still a pressing question for us today? “Where am I going, and how do I get there?”

The end destination of course is the Father. Why? Because as Psalm 16 tells us, in the presence of the Father is fullness of joy and pleasures beyond compare. David says in Psalm 16 “You have made known to me the path (way) of life.”

David was shown the way. The path of life was the desire for the presence of God. Now enter Jesus. He says I AM that way. I am the path of life. I am the presence of God the Father.

You no longer have to be confused. You no longer have to guess at life. You no longer have to wonder if you are going to make it to God. You no longer have to search for some hidden door.

Jesus would have spoken this in Aramaic. The word for “way” in Aramaic is urcha. This is the same word as “religion” in Aramaic. A religion is developed when people are trying to figure out how to be good and not evil (remember the Garden of Eden). Religion is men trying to figure out how to get to God or be a god. But Jesus says “I am the religion.” “I am the way.”

He doesn’t say “I know the way.” Or “I can show you the way.” He’s not Buddha or Muhammed. He is greater than them. Why? Because He IS the way. The way comes in knowing Him and having your life united to His life by faith.

Are you troubled today?

Jesus isn’t just showing you a way to go. He IS the way. Knowing Him is the path of life. It is access to the very presence of God and His eternal rest.

Rest in this today. Let not your heart be troubled. Stop making your performance your religion, your “way.” Let your relationship with Christ be your religion. Your way. Your path of life. His life. His death. His resurrection. Now yours through union with Him.

Pastor Brady