From Pastor Brady

Sing to the Lord, all the earth! Tell of his salvation from day to day.
Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!
1 Chronicles 16:23-24

God is glorious. God is glorious because He is good. He is perfect in all of his ways. He is also holy. He is completely unique and set apart from all other gods, persons, and things in the universe. God is a glory factory. He is the eternal return of glory. All glory comes from Him and returns to Him.

Glory is something that we all desire. We were wired for glory. Glory is what makes life worth living. It is the producer of joy and happiness in our lives. It is beauty. It is the sunset and the flower. It is the slam dunk and the grand slam. It is the symphony and the sonnet. When glory is lacking we sorrow. When glory abounds we celebrate. Glory is what we look forward to. It is what gets us through the hardships of this life.

Glory changes us. When we behold the glory of something it transforms our lives and gives it meaning. When we behold the glory of the Lord we become like the Lord (2 Corinthians 3:18). When we gaze upon His beauty and think about His goodness it lets us know that this world is bigger than just us. It lets us know that there is a God that transcends all of this. That He is holy beyond us. That He alone is good.

And what makes God’s glory truly amazing is that He shares it with us! In the sunset, the grand slam, and the symphony. But the greatest display of His glory is His Son. Why? Because the Son is the manifestation of all true beauty and goodness. Holiness and love. He is glory on display and glory dispensed.

When David brought the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem and put it in the tent that he had prepared (the Tabernacle of David), he did this because his heart longed for the glory of the Lord. This is one of the most amazing things in all of the Old Testament. David didn’t return the Ark to the Tabernacle of Moses. If he did he would have been denied access. Only the High Priest one day a year could enter into the presence of the living God. So David put it in his own tent in his own backyard and went into the glorious presence of God whenever he felt like it. Our Fighter Verse is David’s song to God that would be sung as he sat in front of the Ark, the Mercy Seat, the presence of the glorious God, in the shadow of His wing. Why? Because sunsets and symphonies weren’t enough. Battles won and giants killed weren’t enough. Only the presence of God would satisfy the glory hunger that King David felt.

David’s actions pre-picture us. Like David, we can enter the glorious presence of God whenever we want. And in reality, the glorious presence of God lives in us. Not only do we “declare His glory among the nations,” but we experience His glory in our hearts. In our very lives. And God wants to share His glory with everyone. And He has shared it with everyone through the incarnation, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. He is the Mercy Seat. He is the glorious presence of God made accessible. He is what every heart is longing for.

Will you declare His glory through Jesus Christ today?