From Pastor Brady

As we look at our Fighter Verse today I want to focus on the word devoted. The early Christians were constantly devoting themselves to the local church. The activities of the local church included teaching, fellowship, the breaking of bread, and the prayers.

“And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” – Acts 2:42

What are you devoted to?

To be devoted is to be fully focused on something. It means to persist in something. Maybe you are devoted to a team. Or a band. Or a Netflix show. Or to getting your degree. Or to your family. Or to a candidate. To your spouse or love. Most likely you know what devotion looks like.

Are you devoted to your local church?

Ask yourself this question- “Am I devoted to Grace Baptist Church?” “Am I devoted to attending worship services and hearing the preaching of the Word of God?” Do you long to be in the fellowship of the saints? To be united with them for the cause of the gospel? If we were measuring your devotion on a scale of 1-10 what would your score be?

Why are you devoted?

Many of us are simply Cultural Christians. We go to church on Sunday morning because that is the cultural thing to do. You can tell that you are a cultural Christian if you don’t devote yourself to the church in any other way besides Sunday morning attendance. The real danger here is that Cultural Christians are often deceived about their own salvation. Also the reality is that Cultural Christianity is not sanctifying. It is not growth. Growth is devotion- devotion to disciple-making.

Why was the early church so devoted?

Because they had an experience with the resurrected Christ! They had an experience with the Holy Spirit. Therefore they were devoted to Christ Jesus. I can honestly say for myself that I am not devoted to Jesus because I am devoted to Grace Baptist Church. It is the opposite. I am devoted to Grace because I am devoted to Jesus.

My greatest desire is to come to church overflowing, ready to share Christ’s love and truth with others. I don’t come to be fed or filled. I come to be used by God to fill others. And guess what. When I come with that attitude, I end up being spilled out and filled. When I see the glory of so many who love Christ coming with the same spirit, it reveals my own sin and brokenness. Now I am ready to be filled up by the glory of Christ. I don’t come to church with any demands to be placed upon God or my church. I come to serve and to love. I come humbly to sacrifice. When I do that, God shows up.

Are you devoted to Christ?

If you are, then you must be devoted to his bride, his flock. Jesus told Peter, “If you love me, feed my sheep.” Are you devoted to feeding or being fed? Are you devoted to your biological family to the neglect of your spiritual family? Are you devoted to your leisure to the destruction of your own soul healing capacity to sacrifice?

Are you hopefully devoted?