From Pastor Brady

“The glory that you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one.” John 17:22

Knowing and fellowshipping with the Trinity is the highest good. We are called as Christians to enter into the life of God; the relational life of the Triune God. This is your “best life now.” Not better circumstances, or better stuff, or better kids, or better jobs, or better blessings. Knowing and being known by God is life (John 17:3).

What is your greatest passion? What drives your life? Upon what is your life centered? Is it to know God? Or is it to have a better life? An easier life? Safety? Comfort? We have made Christianity a system of cause and effect that gives its followers a better life, rather than showing them that the best life is to relate to God, to worship Him in spirit and truth, and to be united to the life of Christ. A life that was lived in total self- sacrifice; all comforts and ease set aside for the glory of God and the sharing of glory with others.

Do you want less suffering and more blessing? Or do you want the life of Christ?

Do you want comfort and change? Or do you want fellowship with God?

Do you want an end to your struggle? Or do you want to know the Trinity?

What is your highest aim? Your greatest desire? Is it to know the Trinity? To enjoy your union with God in the midst of the difficulties of life.

If knowing God is your aim, He will never deny you. Never forsake you. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.