From Sean Nemeth

As a college student who is away from home eight months out of the year, getting the opportunity to go to Grace on a Sunday morning is normally very refreshing. Sadly, one of the main things that I’ve noticed about coming back is that many of my peers don’t come to church anymore. This realization got me thinking about what might cause me to leave the church. I think that I along with many of the other college students that have gone away to school want to be treated as if we have never left.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 ESV

Thrown Out of the Nest too Early

For many students, once they go away to school in August, no one in the church continues to connect with them until they come home for winter or summer break. Once this connection is lost that young adult often stops getting discipled, which leads to the students being influenced by people who can bring them down. As a student who has gone away to school, I would highly encourage you who are still at the church to send an encouraging text or simple Facebook message to students that you know—just ask them how school is going and let them know that you are praying for them.

Be Influential

            If you were an influence in a student’s life before he or she went away to school, don’t stop! Just because they might not be in your small group or you don’t see them every Sunday does not mean that your positive influence in their lives should end. Not only could you send a text to a student, but you could go even further by taking that young person out for coffee. During this time, just pour into that person’s life and show that you really do care. Make this time about them and not about you. By doing this, you will be that godly influence these students need in their lives. In my personal life, I feel like I was greatly influenced by some of my leaders in high school, and the ones who still take time to talk to me in more than just small talk are people that who continue to encourage me.

Take Away

            Young adults need to feel connected, and I have just listed some simple ways that you can be a positive influence, and disciple them as well. GBC also offers many other ways that you can influence students of all ages. One newer way that you can get involved is with Grace Young Adults on Sunday nights, which is in a very low key setting where students are able to fellowship and disciple each other. The kickoff meeting is at 6:00pm this Sunday at Jireh Place.
Please be prayerful for this gathering and for the young adults in the church.

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Sean Nemeth is interning at Grace for the summer focusing on media communication.