From Pastor Brady

The Sermon on the Mount can be tricky. Is Jesus telling us what we should do as Christians? Is it our “marching orders?” If we accomplish the beatitudes do we get blessed? Are we supposed to try harder to be the light of the world?

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14

Or…is it that we ARE the light of the world. Like I hinted at yesterday, we are light because Jesus is light. Union with Christ makes this possible. We don’t DO the beatitudes, we ARE the beatitudes. We don’t work for blessing, we are blessed. Because of Christ alone, not our efforts.

Do you read our fighter verse and instinctively think, “I have to start being lightier”? Or, “I have to be saltier”? Or “more city on a hillier”? Do you read the beatitudes and think, “I have to be meeker”? Or, “I have to be poorer”? Or, “I have to be mournier?”

If you do, then you are turning Jesus’ indicatives into imperatives. You are exchanging grace for law. You have the light of God in you. The same light that shone out of darkness at Creation now shines in your heart! (2 Cor. 4:6)

Do you think that to be the light of the world you have to first be perfect? Or could it be that those who realize their need for God’s light, are actually the ones who can shine His light the brightest? Could it be that the cracks in your “jar of clay” are what let the Light in and those same cracks let the Light out?

Jesus didn’t say BE the light of the world. He said you ARE the light of the world. BE what you ARE.