From Pastor Mark

He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son. Colossians 1:13

This is not the first time we have memorized Colossians 1:13 together as a church. A few years ago, we preached on this verse and blogged about it. The significance of what this verse teaches is staggering. So, to help us grasp it better, I wrote a short story depicting what this verse describes. I’d like to share that story with you again:

Once upon a time there was a town called Bowieville. Bowieville was a beautiful place with wonderfully warm and friendly people. Bowieville functioned like most towns you know. Adults went to work and kids went to school. On the weekends, you would see folks mowing their lawn and kids riding their bikes. There were pools, and shopping centers, and parks. If you walked around on any given day, you would probably want to live there. Most people felt like it was a great place to call home.

There was only one problem. Bowieville was situated right in the heart of an evil empire which was ruled by a wicked king. And while at first glance, the people in Bowieville seemed happy and satisfied, if you dug a little deeper, you realized they had to act like that because of the venomous threats of their wretched king. The people were actually slaves to the king. They were never permitted to leave Bowieville, and of course, never ever permitted to move out of Bowieville.

You would think that the people of this kingdom would be content with all the “amenities” this king gave them. But, you see, no matter how nice a place is, no one can be truly happy until they are free. So, most people tried to make due. They went about their days trying to forget about their captive condition. Some tried to escape the sense of imprisonment through entertainment. Others numbed their pain through various substances. But, over time, most people simply accepted that this was their lot and tried to forget about their deep longing to be free.

But, for some, the deep yearning to be free never went away. They even dreamed of a land where people were ruled by a great and honorable king. A kingdom where people were free to serve their king out of joy because of his noble reign. A place where people could love and serve one another with no strings attached. Others made fun of these people. They wondered why they couldn’t just accept that they will never be free. They were even told how crazy it was to think that a land of freedom actually existed. But for some, hope never died.

You see, there were a handful of elders in Bowieville who believed an ancient legend that was passed down through the generations. This legend spoke of a baby who would appear at the edge of the river, seemingly out of nowhere. And nobody would take this baby in to raise him. But, finally a young family took the baby and raised him as their own. And as he grew, it became evident that this boy was unique. He seemed to have wisdom far beyond his years. As he grew, he began to speak of a land where freedom reigned. He captured the imagination of the people as he painted a picture of a king who loved his people and shared all that he had with them.

And as the legend goes, when this boy became a man, he declared war against the wicked king of Bowieville. And after an epic battle, against all odds, the king would be defeated once and for all. And this hero would deliver them from the domain of darkness and transfer them to a new kingdom. A kingdom of freedom.

To be continued…