From Pastor Brady

You’ve heard the saying “Hurt people hurt people.” But equally as true (or at least it should be) is that “Helped people help people.”

We have all experienced help. If you are a child of God then you have been helped in countless ways, both big and small. Of course the greatest way we have been helped is through the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

At Grace Baptist Church we have divided the service ministries up into 12 teams. Each month we will be emphasizing a new Service Team. This month we have been promoting the Helps Team. In any church there are always dozens and dozens of ways to help. In fact, almost every Service Team is a way of helping. But the “Helps Team” at Grace will focus on 3 main areas:

1) Take Them a Meal.

By signing up for this part of the Helps Team, your name would be placed on a list of people who are willing to make meals for those who are sick, grieving, or have recently had a baby etc. When a need arises you will receive an email asking if you can help. Your response is as simple as clicking yes or no.

In the past, help with meals has been primarily handled by ABC classes. ABC classes will still lead the way and work alongside the Helps Team for those who are in a class. But we also have many people in need that are not in an ABC Class. Often these folks can slip through the cracks, and we want to make sure this does not happen.

2) Transportation- Rides.

Often people are in need of transportation help to and from doctor’s appointments, maybe a job interview, etc.

Again, signing up for this area would mean having your name on an email list that will inform you of the need and you can “accept” or “decline” the invitation to help.

3) Pot-lucks, Picnics and Funeral Dinners.

When the church has a church-wide fellowship or dinner, we are often in need of several people to help set up, serve, and clean up. Here again you would receive an email invitation to help with the event, and you can “accept” or “decline.”

In general the Helps Team is a great way to serve the body of Christ in very practical and behind the scenes ways. It is often a way to do for “the least of these.” There won’t be much flash and fuss made over the Helps Team, but great is your reward in Heaven.

To get signed up for the Helps Team, email Joy Wolcott , and indicate which area(s) you are willing to get involved in.