From Pastor Brady

Greetings Church,

This week we see the stakes rising in Jesus’ ministry. He is confronted by the religious leaders, crowds, and his family. And He also continues to present a new view into the kingdom plan of God.

1. Read Mark 3:7-12. Jesus’ popularity is growing amongst the crowds, but they don’t seem to care about Jesus except to get what they want.

Is your relationship with Jesus like the crowd’s?

When you got saved, did you simply believe in Jesus, or did you decide to commit to Jesus? What’s the difference?

Are there any parts of your life that are off limits to Jesus?

What have you felt God asking you to do lately that you have been resisting?

For families: Do you remember playing “Follow the Leader?” Why not play with your kids and then talk with them about following Jesus- wherever He goes. Maybe Jesus is asking them to be nice to someone that is hard to be nice to. What would following Jesus look like in that situation?

2. Read Mark 3:13-19. Jesus goes up on the mountain and chooses his 12 Disciples and then sends them out in Deed Ministry and Word Ministry.

What “Deed Ministry” are you involved in?

What “Word Ministry” are you involved in?

Why are both of these important?

In the sermon on Sunday we said that Followers 1) Desire and embrace spiritual community, 2) Live on mission, 3) Do Deed Ministry, 4) Do Word Ministry, 5) Depend on their union with Christ.

Based on these 5 things, would you call yourself a follower of Christ?

Which of these 5 do you need to keep depending on Christ for?

3. Read Mark 3:20-21 and 31-35. Jesus faces some conflict with his biological family (who call him insane), and then he declares the truth that his true family is a spiritual family made up of those who do God’s will.

We said that the gospel cures us of two extremes when it comes to our families: 1) We make an idol of our family- but the gospel shows us that our family is not our greatest good (our identity, meaning, ultimate purpose), and 2) Our family is a burden- but the gospel shows us that our families point to the Trinity and spiritual family of God, and they are a gift from God to teach us how to love and serve. Therefore we should cultivate our family relationships.

Which of these two extremes do you tend towards? Family as idol OR Family as burden?

Do you see your church as family? What steps could you take to cultivate the family relationship with your church?

What are some ways that you put your biological family above your spiritual family? Do you expect your spiritual family (Church) to empower your biological family, or do you seek to have your biological family empower your spiritual family?

For families: Find ways to teach your children that they are part of a biological family and a spiritual family. One way to model this for your children this week is by inviting other church families over to your home for dinner.

Fighter Verse Questions for Groups and Families.

Fighter Verse: Mark 3:35. “For whoever does the will of God, he is my brother and sister and mother.”

1. In what way does Jesus’ statement open up God’s family to everyone, not just the Jewish nation?

2. Think about the implications of Jesus’ statement- you can be of the same family as the God-Man. What does this mean? Talk about how this connects to being “born again” and being adopted?

For families: Help your kids to see that in Christ they can be brothers and sisters with boys and girls around the world. Explore Christianity around the globe. Search for pictures of Christians in other nations- maybe even missionary kids. Talk about what Heaven will be like when children from all over the world sing to Jesus.