From Pastor Brady

Greetings Church,

The Gospel of Mark continues to reveal Jesus to us as our king. He even rules the sea! But Jesus is not like the kings of this earth. He is a king who will give everything for His people.

Read Mark 4:35-41.

1. The Real Event

Pastor Mark pointed out that this story is full of “irrelevant details” that show that it is a story based on eyewitness accounts. Is hard for you to believe that these kinds of stories in the Bible are true? Why or why not?

Why is important that this story be true? How does its truth impact your faith today?

2. A Real Incarnation

What parts of the story reveal Jesus’ humanity? His divinity?

The disciples asked, “Teacher, do you not care?” Has there been a time in your life when you felt like God was sleeping through your storm? Has there been a time when if felt like God didn’t care about you?

3. A Real Power

Pastor Mark said, “Jesus is just as uncontrollable as the storm. But the difference is, the storm doesn’t love you, but Jesus does.”

– In what ways did the Disciples try to control Jesus in the middle of the storm? Are there any areas of your life where you might be trying to control Jesus?

– If Jesus can control the storm, then he must have a plan for the storm. Can you think of a time when God used a storm in your life to reveal Himself or bring about a needed change in your life?

After Jesus revealed his power to control the storm, the disciples were full of “great fear.” This fear (v.41 awe, respect) was different from the fear they had in the middle of the storm (v.40 timidity, dread). Only fear (awe and wonder) can overcome fear (dread and faithlessness).

– Talk this through in your group/family: How does the awe of God overcome the fears in our hearts? How does an increased view of God allow us to begin to answer the question “God don’t you care?”

4. A Real Cost

The storm story in Mark 4 parallels the Jonah story (Read Jonah 1 if needed). In the Jonah story, Jonah was thrown overboard to die, which calmed the storm. The story in Mark 4 is a preview of Jesus’ death. Jesus entered the storm of life and death for you.

– How does Jesus’ death and resurrection prove that he is the powerful lord of all storms? How does it bring peace to your storm today?

– How does Jesus’ death and resurrection show that he is the loving lord of all storms? How does it bring peace to your storm today?

For families:

Read Mark 4:35-41. Talk with your children about being scared. The disciples were very scared. Help your children to see how scary it would be to be caught in that storm? Ask them if they have ever been scared. Tell them about a time that you were scared.

Show them how Jesus is so powerful that he could calm the storm just by speaking. Help them to see that Jesus is always with us, even when we are scared.

Talk to your children about the death of Jesus, and how it proves that we don’t have to be scared because Jesus is more powerful that everything bad- even death.

Fighter Verse Questions for Groups and Families.

Fighter Verse: Mark 4:40 He said to them, “Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?”

1. What is your biggest fear right now?

2. Faith comes in believing what God has said about himself or about what he will do (it is not just making up what you want and then “by faith” believing God will make it happen). In Mark 4:35 Jesus tells them that they will go to the other side of the sea.

– If they had had faith, what would they have believed?

– Think about your fears. What promises has God made that speak to your fears?

– How does faith in the love of Jesus, as seen in the cross, have the power to drive fear out of your life? Read 1 John 4:18.